Whether you are novice or need particular task, HANDS - ON COMPUTERS  offers an economical way to get hands-on training.

Good Reasons to Attend HANDS-ON COMPUTERS Training


  • Hands-On training ensures faster learning and better retention.
  • Expert instructors increase your skills.
  • State-of-the-art facilities include custom-built workstations, highest quality lighting and projection and high-speed computers.
  • Top-notch training materials, including take-home exercises on diskette, are handy reference tools.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed as always

To find out more, just pick on one of the topics listed below. Puzzle for a specific course?

In order to receive the greatest benefit from HANDS - ON COMPUTER  Training, it is important that you begin in the right place.  Each course builds on concepts, theories and strategies covered in the pre-requisite courses.

Begin at the beginning with Computer Basic. This course will give you the proper foundation on which to build your knowledge of the computer.   As you begin to learn about the programs loaded onto your computer, you will discover that your understanding of the foundation material affects how well you understand the program you are trying to learn. 

After completing The Computer Basic , move on to the course appropriate to your operating environment, such as Understanding Windows. By starting with the right course, you will maximize your experience and enhance your retention of the material.


- Computer Basic 1- Windows Basic 1 - Windows Beyond Basic -
Internet - Word Intermediate - Word Advanced
PowerPoint Basic - PowerPoint Intermediate - PowerPoint Advanced
Excel Basic - Excel Intermediate - Excel Advanced -
Access Complete -  Web page Design
PC Troubleshooting Basic - PC Troubleshooting Intermediate
Corel Draw Basic - Corel Draw Intermediate - Corel Draw Advanced
Adobe Basic - Adobe Intermediate - Adobe Advanced
Animation Basic - Animation Intermediate


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