We supplies only the best, most cost effective computer equipments.If we do not stock an item you require then we would be only to glad to quote and import it for you. 

We also assemble our own computer system locally, using the best component and offering the best value.


Computer Repair & Maintenance 

We have the most advanced and skilled Computer technician,   which allows us to provide the best in Software and/or Hardware Maintenance Contracts, Repairs and Servicing.



We can design, install and manage I.T.  networks. Whether you require 2 or more PC's to be networked, ask us for a quote. We supply all items from cables to LAN card, Switch hubs, Routers and Bridges. For professional integrated network/cables installations call Hands On Computers.


Hands-on Training Center

       Computer training has never been easier, more convenient, or less expensive for the residents of  Davao City than what it is now, and here is why:

       We offer several courses from Introduction to Computers and Microsoft Windows all the way thru Advanced  Professional trainings and workshops and all of these courses are available for the most convenient time of the student. However, historically, this has also been the most expensive training offered to individuals and business.  HANDS - ON COMPUTERS has put a curve in these historical facts, we believe that by empowering the individual user of the P.C., they become far more effective in the operation of their system.  You can take hands on classes for as low as 250.00 per  hour or less. This includes lecture and hands-on training, with plenty of exercises that reinforce the training materials.

       HANDS - ON COMPUTERS has developed an effective and cost efficient method of professional training.

       When you attend one of our hands-on training classes, we assure you that you will receive the highest quality, most effective trainings, and the skills that you learn you will use daily in your computerized practices.

       Stop by or call for more information on our professional training facility.  If you are a business and require specialized training and have your own instructors, give us a call, and schedule some time to lease the lab for your training.


Archiving System

Our off-site Records Management Services provide a highly secure, low-cost solution for all types of business records. Take advantage of our owned and operated facilities for hard copy records storage, secure document destruction, vault storage services, and more.

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