Archiving System

Hands-on Archiving Systems is the premier provider of on-demand document management services that automate, streamline, and optimize complex processes to manage the flow of work throughout an organization. The company's Software-as-a-Service model enables organizations to eliminate document processing friction points while enhancing business information management.

Services span:
  • Workflow management
  • Document scanning
  • Business records storage
  • Secure document shredding
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    "Records Management Services"

    From business records storage and document shredding to Web-based image hosting and document conversion, Archive Systems is your single source for business process efficiency and business continuity. With a network of owned and operated Record Centers complete with barcode tracking, system-driven workflows and sophisticated records management systems, we ensure that your records are well protected, yet easily accessible when needed. Our services include:

    Business Records Storage
    Archive Systems provides a full service, off-site, hard copy storage solution, which empowers you to manage the document lifecycle from Source-to-Shred.

    Secure Document Shredding
    Archive Systems offers cost-effective solutions for the shredding of sensitive documents, including carton and file shredding, and bin rotation programs.

    Vault Storage Service
    Minimize the risks associated with media storage by vaulting your data in Archive Systems' state-of-the-art facilities.

    Conversion Services / Document Scanning
    With Conversion Services Bureau locations that house a wide range of high speed scanners, and a capacity to handle millions of pages each month, Archive Systems can accommodate even the largest of projects.

    Archive Systems' Scan-on-Demand service delivers your requested documentation in whatever form you require—when you need it, where you need it—regardless of your geographic location.


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